Friday, November 23, 2012

Ribbon Christmas Tree

On Thanksgiving at my Mom's we have several traditions. A grand meal of course, we play hands and feet (a card game) and we make a craft or two.
This year was exactly the same in all those aspects. The meal was beyond fabulous. We played cards with the family. And then later on we got to crafting.
The ribbon tree is very, very simple... But it does take a little while to accomplish.

First, you need ribbon, straight pins, and a styrofoam tree shape.

Next, cut your ribbons in small sections. You can choose the length here.

Last, take a ribbon piece and loop it. Stick a straight pin through the two raw ends so your loop is, errrr looped, I guess. Haha. Stick the pin in tree. Alternate colors and textures. Whatever your heart desires.

I would like to have a set of three, in differing heights. I think that would be beautiful.

What are your family traditions?

Have fun!

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