Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's September!!!

September.... GLORIOUS September!
The weather around here has been fantastic. Chilly nights and mornings, warm days. Perfectly wonderful transition into our fall season and schedule.

Speaking of schedules, we moved into Homeschool 2012/2013! Our 9th year of home education! We absolutely love being home. Schedules are tricky. Sometimes they work... sometimes not so much. This year, thus far, has been a dream! I hope it continues!
Here are my sweet, dear 'students'.

 Our first breakfast of the homeschool year. I took our cinnamon rolls and shaped them like hearts... sorta. haha

Something new for this year, is we will be continuing our ASL classes. With gas at almost $4 a gallon our 1.5 hour trek was pretty much out of the question. We so desperately wanted to continue and to be able to spend time with our family, but we HAVE to keep within the budget. VIDEO CHAT, I LOVE YOU!!!!
What a great time we had today, we were able to have our lesson without leaving the house. It was incredible!!!

The timeline just KEEPS on growing! I love our timeline!
We had a VERY scary storm come up on us one Sunday afternoon. We were under a tornado warning for several hours. Not fun after going through what we did just a little over a year ago!

The littles participated in Bible Drills at our church. I was so proud of my children. They all received excellent ratings for learning EVERY. ONE of their verses.

Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee...
Psalm 119:11

The farm is still hanging on. I feel like it has been sorely neglected due to homeschool mode being in full swing right now... but truly it isn't. Our chickens have been picked off yet again and so we are only about 18 in number and over 75% of them are young and not laying yet. No eggs around here.
Yeah, bummer!
Sunday, we were blessed to get to see some family and I was thrilled to get to hold a precious newborn during the morning service at church. Church, family, babies... some of my favorite things!  
I hope you are enjoying your journey into September as much as we are! 


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