Thursday, August 30, 2012

August Memoirs

As August comes to a close, I try to remember the sights, sounds, tastes, feelings, thoughts that August brought to mind.

One special time that was shared in August was my youngest daughter and I had a special day together at a Tea House in the City. She had received a gift card through her American Heritage Girl Troop LAST year, and we had not taken the time to go.
It was such a nice time. She nor I had ever been, but after going once, I know we would love to go back again! Next time, with Cameo!

Everything was delicate and lovely. Carlie Jean took such great care, adding the cream and sugar to her English Tea. ;)
She told me... "Moma, you need to make sure you point your pinky out when you take a sip. It's a rule." I giggled a little and told her not to worry... I am a pinkie pointer by nature, I do it without thinking.

Another August first for me...
My eldest became a driver!
She was very nervous and wanted to take her test since her birthday, but was a bit skiddish. Obviously she did well, because she is now the proud owner of a driving permit and is doing excellently.

Today looks promising for rain. With Hurricane Isaac in the Gulf, we are bound to get some. I know those poor souls are ready for the storm to move on.

We begin school next week. I am STILL planning. I think I have procrastinated for LONG enough and I need to get things DOWN in the books. I am eager to begin school, but for some reason, the planning is overwhelming me. I guess it's because I have one that will be ready to graduate in just a short amount of time. Yikes!
So, I must leave you and stop my chatter. Feed my young ones and sit down and nail down some plans for this years learning.
Have a great long weekend, my friends!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Joy in the moment...

My, my... time really does fly doesn't it? I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately, but life just happens, you know? Time seems limited and hours become days and weeks before you know it.

I love my blog time, I love to journal (which is basically why I blog) the ideas and such that swirl around in my head. I like to write, for even though my kids don't read my blog... one day they might. One day they will get to relive some of our fun times and some of Mom's thoughts that I may or may not say aloud.

As I sit here with my steaming cup and my favorite quilt draped around my shoulders for there is a chill in the air, *yay*! I can't help but be thankful. Does that mean that everything around me is hunky-dory? Not a chance... we face strife every.day. But I have an incredible amount of joy that is bubbling in my heart, I feel like my tag is more accurate than ever, my cup DOES run over.

August is winding down, in the time I have been absent, we have celebrated two special birthday's. Abram turned 7 and my Shannon turned 37. Our anniversary was just a few short weeks ago. Summer is turning into fall before our eyes daily. Even if the temps were not showing it (which they are) the days are... darkness is coming a bit earlier, school lesson plans are inching their way back into routine, pumpkins and mums are aching to be displayed. Or is it me aching to display them? No matter... it's happening. :)
Smells that belong only to this special time of year. Apple butter simmering in the crock, spiced candles and hearty breads. Pencils, notebooks, fiction and non on seemingly every surface of the home.
The freedoms of summer coming to close as we look towards the scheduling of fall.
And I count it all joy.
Joy to be able to live, joy to be able to share, joy... just joy.

I hope to share more, more often. I hope to be back soon and regular, but I feel it's best to just hope for a weekly update... it's likely more probable.

In the meantime, I hope you smile, I hope you laugh and I hope you remember that today is a gift. Enjoy it!