Wednesday, July 25, 2012


At our homeschool, we tend to stick to a traditional schedule. Meaning we have some time off in the summer, but we never really 'stop' having school. I don't like to go on long breaks with the kids, because a brain fog sets in sometimes.... and that's NO fun.
Lately we have had some scorching days, and during those HOT times, I have been trying to find some fun things to do inside.
Today we made slime. Found directly from Pinterest... LOVE IT! If you don't follow me on Pinterest, consider my little linkage up there on the right side.
So one of our school projects was making slime today, and it was FUN!
Take 1 small of Elmer's Glue
1/2 cup water
Food coloring
Mix that together

In a separate bowl,
1 cup water
1 teaspoon borax
Mix and pour into glue mixture.
Mix, mix, mix...
Eventually you will come up with SLIME!
It's really fun and great for the kids to see how the ingredients combine to make something totally different!
They have been in there playing for the past half hour since we made the stuff!
**Edited to add... it was the first thing they went to this morning to play with!**

Have fun!

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