Friday, July 6, 2012


June 1:
Today we spent the day at the zoo with my Mom, Sister and nephews... it was great fun, even if we did get rained on!
June 2:
Carlie Jean got a bite from something this week, thankfully today it is going down after worrying her Moma for a day or two!
June 3:
After working myself to pieces yesterday, I am reaping the effects today. My family is gone to church without me... boo. At least we now have a place to sit.

June 4:
Getting things arranged in our schoolroom... I'm so loving this new room!
June 5:
Another day spent with my Mom, Sister and Nephews... trying to make this a weekly thing. This time we played games and let the kids swim, even though it was COLD!
June 6:
The kids spent the night with Mom... I've been cleaning around the house, watching movies and laughing my rear off at these!

June 7:
The kids and I ran errands today.

June 8:
Shannon was off today (Friday) for the first time in months. It was so great having him home an extra day. We got lots of work done! Floor in the living room and the school is finished and the whole yard is freshly mowed. LOVE IT!
We messed up and thought that Father's Day was on the 10th so, we took Shannon out to eat to one of his favorite places. Jo Mama's!

June 9:
Another great day!

June 10:
Today is not Father's Day
Just in case you were wondering... LOL!

June 11:
Jessica came up today to visit, the kids got to have a signing lesson. Yay! Carlie Jean decided that she was ready to start reading big girl books and sat down with Little House in the Big Woods today. *sigh* My babies are not babies any more.

June 12:
Basil is coming in abundantly. I'll be dehydrating a bunch today.
June 13:
My new canning pantry is up and running... I can't wait to stock it with all of this years harvest!
June 14:
The kids and I made homemade noodles for lasagna... we may never go back to conventional store bought noodles again. FOR REALS! (My kids laugh at me every time I say, For reals. I don't know why I say it, I just do... for reals! :)
June 15:
For the first time, we were able to take Shannon with us to visit with a old farmer friend. After our visit, look what came home with us!
Gobble, gobble!
June 16:
We picked up our new goats today... and brought them home to a fence in great need of repair. Thankfully we had some friends who sooooo willingly jumped right in there, showing us the proper way and working til dark to make sure our new animal family had a safe place to stay.
Thank God for good friends!!!!
June 17:
Happy Father's Day!
Normally, Sunday is NOT a day that I get to make a yummy breakfast. It is a grab a bagel kind of day, but this morning for Father's Day I wanted to make something special. I rose early and made some blackberry syrup with some wholegrain waffles. It was perfectly delicious!
After a wonderful church service, we had a great meal, a nap, a swim and then some card playing. It was exactly what honey wanted for Father's day and it was perfect.... 

June 18:
My kids are funny!

June 19:
Pool day today. See picture above. haah

June 20:
I have worked and worked in our house and outside. Everything is looking great!

June 21:
Ceiling Fans went in today! WOOT!
The piano was dusted and decorated too. Yay!

June 22:
Up and out in the garden early. 
Baked oatmeal for the second time this week, yeah... it's that good!

June 23:
8 days til we leave for our family's first mission trip. 
Totally excited, but still so much to do.

June 24:
Our family is sooo exhausted from life, work and everything in between. We are taking a day of rest and staying home.

June 25: 
VBS starts tonight. Say y-y-y-yes to v-v-v-vbs. 

June 26:
I'm working in crafts at vbs. That way I get to see each of my kids as they come through. Love it!

June 27:
Found this little bird at my Mom's in the fern on her porch. 
So sweet!

June 28:
Family night at vbs. Ice cream sundaes! 
June 29:
Happy Birthday to my Mom. 
Last minute trip to town with the girls.
Suburban messed up. ugh.
June 30:
Tomorrow we leave for our first family mission trip.


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