Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Flowers... for me!

When I planted my spring garden this year, I had an idea. I decided that if I was going to go big on my garden, I should plant a little something to just enjoy, also.
I have wanted to do it for several years, but I always seem to run out of steam or time before it comes time to plant me a little patch of sunshine, just to enjoy.
What I thought was going to be 'just for me', ended up being not only a beautiful addition to my garden, but a beneficial one as well! The bees have been busy visiting, which is VERY good for our garden.
This is my little patch. More and more flowers seem to bloom each day. Flowers of all kinds,  from zinnas to cosmos... sunflowers and more!
It is such a treat to visit this little space and I will make the time to do it again next year, simply because it makes me smile!
Bees were busy visiting this gorgeous sunflower!
Another bonus for me, is I love fresh flowers in the house. No more $6 bunches just to have some beauty on my table. These were practically free and boy do they make me sigh with gratification, enjoyment and contentment when I see them as they set on our farmhouse table.
Have a beautiful day, friends!


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  1. I'm happy for your little *Smile Patch*. I also love to see what flowers will grow and what colors zinnias will be and how tall will the sunflowers get and did YOU SEE THAT HUGE BUTTERFLY?