Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bruce and Jenny

Yesterday the children and I picked up two new members to our little homestead family. These two are ones who we hope will be good and faithful guardians, watching over our animal friends while we are not in the barnyard.
Bruce and Jenny

They are part Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shephard. Both of which are great watch dogs, so we have high hopes for these two cuties.
They have been at home with their mother, father and sister.... all of which are working dogs on a farm with goats, turkeys, geese, ducks, chickens, etc. They should fit in just fine here.
We are all very happy they are here.
** Updated **
I completely forgot to tell you how the kids decided upon the names for the puppies.
My husband and his brother grew up loving Marvel Superhero's LONG before it was a cool thing. They have passed that love on to my children and *ahem*, me. :)
Abram my youngest and a die-hard HULK fan, just like his Uncle Mar was bound and determined that the boy dog should be properly named HULK! I mean why not? These are going to be BIG dogs. They are going to be protectors. HULK is a pretty good idea. The other three liked it, but were not crazy about calling him Hulk. So, we talked and realized Hulk has a real name too. Bruce.
Bruce also has a cousin, the lesser known She-HULK.
She-Hulk's real name is Jennifer, to which we shortened into Jenny.
So with the collective minds of all of us... Bruce and Jenny were named.



  1. Adorable, aren't they? A pox on all the predators out there! Take that you racoons, coyotes, stray dogs, hawks, and possums!!

  2. They are adorable! I have great respect for the Great Pyrenees breed. How did you come up with the cute names?

  3. Who knew there was a She-Hulk? Apparently the Burrells :D They look like they fit right in. I love the names, especially now that I know the reasoning.

  4. HA!! I knew there was a great story behind the names. I think they are perfect and I hope you enjoy your new babies!

  5. Well welcome Bruce and Jenny,I know that you have arrived at a great new home that will love you to pieces.