Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pretty and Useful

My daughter came up with this brilliant idea all on her own. She is very creative and great at organizing. When I bought this box at a local flea market, I wasn't exactly sure how I would I would use it, but it was a great deal and I liked the wood.

It has a cross section in the middle,  so there are four compartments.
She arranged the sections that half would be our herbs and vitamins and the other half would be liquids like benedryl, children's tylenol and such.
It works out perfectly!

And so we bring it down each morning and take our vitamins and when finished, it sits nicely on the top of the fridge. Out of reach of little hands and it looks pretty too.
Please excuse the messy fridge front, just keeping it real around here, friends. And besides, when you get love letters, you want to look at them all the time, right???

Enjoy your day!


  1. You have one smart Martha Stewart on your hands. It looks great.
    Our fridge looks the same. (I always say it looks homey)
    Take care and have a great evening

  2. I love giving new purpose to old things. She did a great job repurposing that old box!

  3. I love the Coca-Cola box! I could use an organizer like that at my house. :)