Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Making our own bird bath

My children and I have been studying Ornithology this year in homeschool. As well as studying it, I want the kids to grow to love birding and appreciating what beautiful creatures God has created. So we have been, for the past year or so, setting up a backyard bird habitat.
A happy place that birds will enjoy visiting and a nice big window for us to view them.
When I spied a delightful picture of a homemade birdbath on facebook yesterday, I knew it was the next addition to our yard.

The kids set to work painting after the materials were gathered. If you recall, our table is on the front porch right now during all the construction.
The materials are easy.
1 14" terracotta pot
1 12" terracotta pot
1 10" terracotta pot
1 16" saucer (I couldn't find a 16" saucer, so I used a 12")
1 6" saucer

Stack the pots upside down from biggest to smallest.
Glue the larger saucer to the bottom of the top pot
Glue the 6" saucer to the edge of the large saucer.

Easy peasy!
And if your habitat is as happening a place as ours... you will have guests in NO time!

It's so enjoyable to make memories with my kids. Most kids love hands on projects, so set aside an hour or two and make something fun today!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Counting it all joy...

Hello everyone.

I have set down every morning to check my email and make a new post only to say, "Nah" and move on to the next task of the day.
It is an extremely busy and unorganized season for our family. I so very long to have normalcy again. My prayer is that by the end of the month we will see some relief... meaning maybe I will be able to cook in my kitchen or sit down somewhere in the living room and maybe not have holes in the ceiling where rain seems to be finding its way through during our occasional showers lately.
Good things have been happening during this time though... very happy things.
Our little yellow fluff-balls are not so little, nor so yellow anymore. They are growing rapidly and are shedding their fluff for feathers!
They have been introduced to a smallish wading pool and love it! They are so much fun to watch.
They now reside in the barnyard instead of the front yard and are adapting well to life with the chickens.
My clematis is in full bloom and gives me such a smile when I walk past. It truly is one of my favorites.
The children have been such great helpers to me... while the mess is going on inside we have been spending lots of time outside in the garden. Building new beds and planting ALL kinds of goodness. In a few days I will try and give you a running list of what we have planted.
Last week the children had their first swim of the year. In coolish 78* water, but you can't tell by the smile on their faces!

This wall came down and was replaced by a beam in the ceiling a couple of weeks ago. It was a hard task, but it looks great and is another huge hurdle that has been accomplished!

I learned to operate a skidsteer yesterday and I'm using it to clean-up around the barnyard and garden. It is WAY fun!

And this was floating around facebook this morning. I thought it was SUCH a great reminder.
Have a great day friends!