Thursday, April 12, 2012

Good things come in yellow...

Welcoming 6 baby ducklings to the farm...
Yellow, fuzzy and precious.

Also, seeing a wall come down in the kitchen and being able to imagine in hopefully a few weeks/months I will be cooking in my new to me yellow kitchen.
And even though I don't have a picture yet, I have two Moma hens with sweet little yellow baby chicks.
I am loving all this yellow around the homestead, how about you?


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Coming soon...

Nothing makes you feel much better when things are in a state of disarray than seeing something beautiful take shape.
Our grapevine is going on it's 3 or 4th year. We had a smallish crop last year. I did make grape juice. But this year looks to be a wonderful one!

This vine is completely loaded with clusters!
I hope we do continue with lovely weather because I would just hate to see these beauties bitten by the frost bug.

Oh my... I can see grape jam and grape juice coming soon!


Monday, April 2, 2012

The issue at hand...

We have been invaded, growing right beneath our feet and behind our backs, mold has been growing rampant in our home. It has caused GREAT problems.
Floor joists rotted, floor being un-level, sheetrock falling in.
It's a pain.
That is our big problem and why it is taking so long to recover. We are having to start basically from the ground up in several rooms.
So... as I update around here, it might not be terribly exciting, but it is a way for me to one day look back and see where we were and where we have come from.
Reminding me that God is good ALL the time... even when you are in a big. fat. mess!

This my friends, is our life right now. Trying our best to reconstruct from the damage that has been done.
I look forward to the day when I can sit back and smile about what all we had to go through, but now... well, I'm trying to smile. And I do.
So as we work on this HUGE project in the evenings the children and I do school and gardening in the daytime and one day we will be able to enjoy the inside of our home again.