Friday, March 30, 2012

Homestead Cottage Cheese

Making your own cottage cheese at home is so much easier than you think.
Here's what you will need:

1 gallon milk (we used raw whole, but you could use 2% or skim also)
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar, again the good kind Braggs raw
1/2 tsp salt
heavy cream

Pour your milk into a large stainless steel stock pot and bring the heat up til the milk is at 190* Don't rush it, you can scald your milk. Just ease it up, little by little.
Once you have reached 190* take your pot off the heat and add your vinegar.
You will see the curds drawing up immediately as you stir the vinegar into the hot milk.
Now, be patient again and let this sit until room temperature.
Take your curds and drain them from the whey, I put the curds in a flour sack towel and hung it above the pot letting the whey drain off... this will not take too long. It doesn't have to be completely dry.
Once drained, keep some whey for fermenting other foods and or feed it to your animals, they will love it!
Pour your curds in a bowl and add heavy cream until nice and moist again. This will not be exactly like a grocery store cottage cheese... it will be SO much better!

Just so you know, cottage cheese doesn't have to be eaten alone with a piece of fruit... although it can be. You can use cottage cheese mixed in with scrambled eggs. Use it as your cheese mixture in lasagna, manicotti, on top of pizza... use your imagination, it's  a great quick and easy cheese!

Have a great day friends!


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