Wednesday, February 22, 2012

State History

One day while at the Schoolbox, I saw this large poster and it inspired me to do a study of State History with my children during our homeschool time this year.
I compiled a list of 20 questions for the children.
What is the 1st state?
What is the State Capital?
What are three of the largest cities?
What date did it join the United States?
What is the state nickname?
And so on.
We use this website 50 States. It has tons of information and lots more clickable websites for more information.
So about twice a week, we add a new state.

We color in the map, write in the name of the state, the number and the capital.
We also put a star on the state if we have visited the state before as a family.
This study has posed MANY questions.
Like, why in the world did West Virginia not become a state sooner when every other state around it already a state?
Why is Alaska a state and Canada not part of the states?
Lots of good questions, lots of interesting discussions... lots of searching for answers. :)
Isn't that what homeschooling is all about?
Learning together? :)
I love it.

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