Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to: Make your own vanilla extract

I may sound like a clanging gong, but… I am loving doing most of my stuff "homemade".  I have been cooking from scratch and baking and such for a good while now, but it is always good to learn something new.  I feel such satisfaction when I learn a new, old way of doing things.  Almost always, it is cheaper, healthier and tastier than todays way of convenience. So for now, I am going to share with you how to make your own vanilla. I've been doing this for years now, and I honestly don't think I will ever buy vanilla AGAIN!
First you want to purchase some beans.  Now you can go to the fancy Whole Foods mart and pay $5 for 2 or something crazy like that or you can do what I do and browse the net and find an AWESOME deal for 30-something Organic  beans for like $20!  Oh yeah, it was incredible… check ebay, that is where I found it. 

Now the next thing you need is alcohol.  Now, we are not drinkers in any shape, form or fashion… so the liquor store was an uncomfortable thing… but you need some to make your vanilla.  I bought just a $5 bottle of vodka and it fills up my container and sits until I am ready to make some more. 
Thats all you need my friends.  Are you shocked, I was… and how can something so simple make you feel so accomplished?  
Now… take your beans and put maybe 3 or 4 in a little half-pint mason jar.  Fill the jar up with your alcohol and sit in a dark cabinet for 30 days.  After 30 days you are ready to use.  
If you decide to make some brownies or some other scrumptious treat that calls for vanilla and you use some up, take your alcohol and top it off.  No need to let it set again, it will get all infused with the other vanilla and you will be fine and dandy.
So thats it! Have fun and you won’t ever have to run out and pay $7 for a teeny bottle of vanilla again.  Oh, and there is the idea of a super Christmas gift.  A lovely bow and a twig of berries tied to it.  Beautiful simplicity. 



  1. How wonderful to learn...I wonder if vanilla can be grown in Indiana..lol i'll have to check this out. Thank you for your blog have a great day.

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