Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ppppp PITA

I have been trying to incorporate more 'life learning' into our children's homeschool experiences. I want my kids to have plenty of *book learnin* ~wink, wink~ but I want them to know how to DO things as well!
So... you know I have been quite gung ho about making all of our meals, from scratch and trying to stay away from processed foods as much as possible.

To do this, it takes planning. I have been keeping on my toes to make sure I can accomplish this task I have set before us.

On Tuesday night, I mixed up our Chicken Salad.
I cooked chicken breasts in the crockpot all day and by that evening they were ready to be shredded.
I added a mayo and whip cream mixture to the chicken and then added halved grapes and walnuts. Salt slightly.

For the Pita's, the children followed this link.
What we ended up with was pretty fantastic.

Best of all, the kids were able to witness what we were doing, they got to get their hands in the dough, *and who doesn't love that?* and I was teaching them how to do things themselves, while spending time together!!
This will be something we try again for sure, hope you enjoy!


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  1. What a GREAT family adventure! I am so happy for you. Those pitas look yummy too.