Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tis the season...

As we inch closer to blessed Christmas each day, there are things that are traditions here at the homestead... things that are special to our family.

  • cups of hot chocolate on cold wintry days
  • snuggles and quilts while reading together
  • games, oh the games that are played during this chilly season
  • music... always music
  • citrus, what a blessing to have excellent fruits in abundance
  • scarves, toboggans and mittens, oh my! The winter basket is full
  • Christmas plays at church
  • breaks from formal lessons
  • learning, we may be breaking from formal lessons... but we're always learning
  • gingerbread houses 
  • ornament making
  • elving (making, giving and or wrapping gifts)
  • candlelight in the evening
  • stockings
  • Christmas crafting
  • picture taking
Wishing you the Merriest of seasons!



  1. We have many of the same traditions and love it!! Thank you for sharing the beauty of your home. :)

  2. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and praying that 2012 will be a blessed year for you all.