Thursday, December 8, 2011

Homeschool Christmas Party

As a surprise to the children, we were able to attend a Homeschool Christmas party.
The kids had a blast, even though a couple were shy to begin with...

Look! So many bright, beautiful faces!
Four of those I especially love!
           *swoon* gushy Moma love!
A wonderful variety of ages and so much fun seeing the youngers and the olders playing and enjoying one another.
 A tender moment of seeing my *baby* playing so sweetly with a real baby. :)
 Girls game.
Passel of boys...

My two youngest enjoying some cookie decorating.
So fun and so yummy!
Many of the photos you see were snapped *of course* by Carlie Jean... I really like the fuzzy picture of Cameo above. She is beautiful even when the pic is blurry.
*sigh* I love my kids!


  1. I like the pic of the boys walking in front of the big silver door. I am going to meet your kids some day.

  2. Oh how I miss homeschool Christmas parties! It was always so good to see everyone relaxing and having fun. Glad your group had a good time! I can't get over how quickly your kids are growing.
    Hope your Christmas season is blessed!