Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving through Carlie's Eyes...

My little dumplin who is *7* already, still loves to borrow my camera and take pictures from her perspective. Oftentimes, I let her... because there is some things I don't catch.
Here are some shots from our day...
First off, I took this picture of her and my newest little niece Katie. Squishy baby! awwww....

The rest belong to Carlie.
I think this one is great because it really captures the goings on of the day... bustling about getting dinner on the table, talking, laughing...
Picture of some of the boys... out being boys, climbing, finding sticks to use as swords and arrows... 

More boys with sticks, 2 of my adorable nephews and one of my precious sons
Eli, concocting a plan with his best pal, Logan.

Blurry, but sweet picture of Uncle Tyler with Katie bug
Cameo and Katie...
Really pretty picture of the baby swing :)

Grandmaw and Papaw's beautiful Christmas Tree and Famous Family Stockings... There is a stocking for every member of the family. LOVE!
I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving.


  1. Very good pictures! Enjoyed them......she turned a swing into a *still life* picture!

  2. I think you have a budding photog on your hands :)