Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Spicy Ornaments

As the children and I have been reading more and more about the early explorers, we see each and every time just how important spices were and are! These explorers were willing to risk everything for spices... well, and gold... of course.
They are still a pretty hot commodity today. Just to make this next craft to go along with our lesson, a small bottle of whole cloves was 5 bucks! Spices are very valuable around our house.

The timing worked out perfectly being that we have our tree up for Christmas, so that when the children are finished we will hang them on the tree.
 I gave each child a small styrofoam ball and a handful of cloves. They had the freedom of decorating the ball any way they wish with their cloves.

Abram decided to add cloves and then paint his ornament with his favorite color... red.

Cameo went for some faux snow to liven up her spice ball.

The smells were heavenly and we are eager to hang these on our tree once dry.
I went for straight up cloves. I love the smell.
Tomorrows spice?
Have a lovely day, my friends!


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  1. This looks fun, and I remember doing things like this when I was little. We used oranges, though, which I'm sure you've heard of. :) But I had forgotten--thanks for the reminder. I may make some with my boys!