Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Science Museum Field Trip

On Monday, we and our homeschooling friends took a trip to Tellus Science Museum. It is a bit of a drive for us, but it was a fun time and our company was fabulous.
It was a very interesting muesum. They have their own planetarium, they have at least four different rooms of exhibits. Minerals, fossils, aeronautics, and the big backyard. We attended a 2 hour long class in which the children talked about fossils, how they were formed. They identified fossils, they made molds.

They did rubbings and were able to go to an indoor fossil dig.

Of course this was not a Biblical Museum, so we got the usual "millions and billions" talk. Which is ok, simply because each one of our children gave me a knowing look as it happened. It can sometimes get frustrating when people cannot accept that yes, all these things did happen... as God planned.
Yes, we can find HUGE fish fossils in Kansas... because God sent a world wide flood. Yes, we find these on mountains, in deserts, in valleys... all because God covered the earth with water during the flood.

We were able to play with magnets, with solar energy, with sound waves.

The mineral exhibit was really nice.

We were able to pan for gems, which of course was lots of fun and pretty messy! :)

It was an excellent day. We learned a lot, we got to get hands on with many exhibits and we were able to spend some time with friends.
A+ day.


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  1. Someone mentioned to me that my boys would like the Tellus Museum, but we've never been. After seeing your post, I think my kids would love it! Hope you're doing well.