Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Children's Ornaments

Around here at Heritage Acres Homestead, we have a tradition. Each year as the stores begin to bring out the Christmas decorations, the children and I pick out one new ornament for the tree for each family member. Our tree is simple, not elaborate. It has ornaments back from when Shannon was a little boy. It has ornaments that I made back before I was ever Mommy or Wifey. It has shiny ornaments and plain ones. Traditional and unusual ones.
The more I have been thinking, I think next year we will start making each years ornaments instead of buying. I don't know why we haven't done this before now, but until then... here is a parade of the children's ornament choices from this year.
Abram chose this ornament. I have looked over his choices for the past 6 years and I believe this is the first year he did not choose a red ornament. So it was interesting to see this choice for him.
Not surprisingly, this is Carlie Jean's choice.
Every. single. year. this daughter of mine picks out the shiniest ornament she finds. This ornament is an odd blue and turquoise stocking filled with goodies. If you want to know which ornaments on our tree are Carlie's choice... just look for the glitter. haha
It's so neat to see just how the patterns emerge when I get to look at each years ornaments.
Cameo chose this one. A sweet little rustic reindeer. Again, Cameo has many reindeer on the tree. Not all are rustic. Some are shiny, some have glitter, but the majority of her choices are reindeer.
And here's Eli's.
A hunting Santa Clause with his gun and his trusty hunting dog. Eli is probably my most varied of the children. He doesn't have a set pattern for his choices. Probably because this is the first hunting ornament he has found, and probably because they don't make many in civil war costumes. LOL

As for me, I didn't take a picture of mine, but I normally choose a tree.
Yep, for me the Christmas tree has to be my favorite. This year Cameo actually helped me choose by finding a Moma Reindeer that had a dress that looked like a Christmas tree. My favorite and her favorite... who wudda thunk it? :)

So, this is one of our favorite traditions.
What about you? Do you have a tradition that you look forward to each year?



  1. How neat! Your tree has been blessed with ornaments of love .....

  2. I love your ornaments! We will be crafting up some new ones this year. But we have many older favorites to. One of mine is a little cookstove ornament, on top is a squirrel baking cookies. lol I bought it for dh our first Christmas. I'm looking forward to getting our tree up next week!