Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chicken Stock-Canned!

I am so excited... This morning I canned up my first chicken stock!
I was able to get some all natural, antibiotic free, hormone free, free-range chicken! Yay!
I roasted it first and picked the meat for some of our meals.
Then I took the bones, some onions and carrots and water and put it in the crockpot and let it go on low for at least 24 hours.
It got nicely amber.

I've posted about making chicken stock before... if you want to see step by step you can go here.
Chicken Stock 1, Chicken Stock 2
With the times previous, I just froze the stock or kept it in the fridge for a while until I used it because I didn't have a pressure canner.
Thankfully though, over the summer I was greatly blessed with a pressure canner and now, my stock can be canned and put by on my pantry shelf.
I am grateful for one more thing that we can make ourselves and that will taste SO much better stirred into our soups, stews, rice, etc. Chicken stock is satisfying and simple.
Give it a try!



  1. there is nothing better then homemade stock. We made some yesterday for later use in soups and rice. Take care and have a wonderful evening with your family.

  2. I have chicken stock on my to-do list this week, too. I love having it on hand!

  3. I was gifted with a pressure canner this year and one of the first things I canned was chicken stock! I am so excited to have it ready to go!