Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Being Michelangelo...

In our studies, we are doing chronological history. Meaning we began at Creation and are going straight through, learning Biblical history alongside secular history as it happened. 
Right now, we are in the heart of the Renaissance. 
We have talked about Leonardo da Vinci, the Medici family, we have talked about Savonarola and so many others.
Of course if you learn about Michelangelo... you are going to learn about one of his most famous works, The Sistine Chapel
One of the best ways to have my children learn is for them to 'do'. 
So... we worked on our own Sistine Chapel. Except, we didn't draw muscled up figures, haha... the children were welcome to draw whatever they wanted.

We lined the underneath of our school table with copy paper.
Each one had their own section and then they went to work.

Some of the pictures beginning to emerge...
Carlie's view of Earth
Eli's pirate battle in it's beginning form...

Abram's excavators and rainbow
Cameo began by making the page look a bit more distressed.
And last but not least...
I have to put this on here, but a bit of information first.
We don't study nude art. Our feeling on the matter is that yes, the human body is amazing... but we don't consider naked pictures, sculptures or any of the like to be any different than any other pornography.
That is OUR opinion, I didn't say it was yours. Just sayin ;)
Anyways, we did view a picture of the David, but we viewed it with a privacy cloth covering the exposed area.
Carlie decided to draw her own interpretation of him...

It cracks me right up and I hope you can see the humor also.
Have a great day friends, and don't forget to laugh.


  1. Charlie's picture is priceless (one for years to come) Looks like it was a fun lesson. Have a great day.

  2. What a creative idea for teaching the challenges Michelangelo faced! And I love Carlie's picture. Kids are so funny.