Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Mamie Girl

I know that our blog is titled Heritage Acres Homestead... and it is! Haha, lately it has been ALL about our Heritage Acres Homeschool. Truly homeschooling is in full swing around here (we are already in week 6) WOW, but we still do live on a little homestead and are still loving our life.
Mamie girl is doing dandy. She is becoming more vivacious like she used to be. I am SO happy about that.
She has been so lively and it tickles me, because she was so solemn and withdrawn after the attack.
She is a funny girl. We have mended the fence that goes into the chicken yard because she was going in the chicken coop and leaning against the wire and scratching herself. This was making the wire break and bow. She is not happy that she has been limited to the big acre pasture. Silly girl... for some reason she LOVED going inside the chicken coop. I suppose it is because when she first came to be with us that is where she stayed.
We were thinking about breeding her. We still are... but right now is not going to work. Things have been so crazy busy for us, we are GOING to have to make some times to sit down and re-think our plans and make some changes.
So, just for fun... here are some older pictures of our Mamie Girl.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Being Michelangelo...

In our studies, we are doing chronological history. Meaning we began at Creation and are going straight through, learning Biblical history alongside secular history as it happened. 
Right now, we are in the heart of the Renaissance. 
We have talked about Leonardo da Vinci, the Medici family, we have talked about Savonarola and so many others.
Of course if you learn about Michelangelo... you are going to learn about one of his most famous works, The Sistine Chapel
One of the best ways to have my children learn is for them to 'do'. 
So... we worked on our own Sistine Chapel. Except, we didn't draw muscled up figures, haha... the children were welcome to draw whatever they wanted.

We lined the underneath of our school table with copy paper.
Each one had their own section and then they went to work.

Some of the pictures beginning to emerge...
Carlie's view of Earth
Eli's pirate battle in it's beginning form...

Abram's excavators and rainbow
Cameo began by making the page look a bit more distressed.
And last but not least...
I have to put this on here, but a bit of information first.
We don't study nude art. Our feeling on the matter is that yes, the human body is amazing... but we don't consider naked pictures, sculptures or any of the like to be any different than any other pornography.
That is OUR opinion, I didn't say it was yours. Just sayin ;)
Anyways, we did view a picture of the David, but we viewed it with a privacy cloth covering the exposed area.
Carlie decided to draw her own interpretation of him...

It cracks me right up and I hope you can see the humor also.
Have a great day friends, and don't forget to laugh.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10 simple things...

10 simple things...
Amanda encouraged me to think of 10 simple things that I am enjoying right now...

foods from our garden tucked nicely away in the pantry
a table full of excited learning
sweaters, scarves, gloves and toboggans being pulled out for the year
fresh eggs still making it to our table
quiet hour
being able to be home all. day. long.
little ones learning the piano
a hard working husband who is happy to come home to his family
answered prayers
our cozy home

Yes... these are 10 really good things.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chicken Stock-Canned!

I am so excited... This morning I canned up my first chicken stock!
I was able to get some all natural, antibiotic free, hormone free, free-range chicken! Yay!
I roasted it first and picked the meat for some of our meals.
Then I took the bones, some onions and carrots and water and put it in the crockpot and let it go on low for at least 24 hours.
It got nicely amber.

I've posted about making chicken stock before... if you want to see step by step you can go here.
Chicken Stock 1, Chicken Stock 2
With the times previous, I just froze the stock or kept it in the fridge for a while until I used it because I didn't have a pressure canner.
Thankfully though, over the summer I was greatly blessed with a pressure canner and now, my stock can be canned and put by on my pantry shelf.
I am grateful for one more thing that we can make ourselves and that will taste SO much better stirred into our soups, stews, rice, etc. Chicken stock is satisfying and simple.
Give it a try!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Birding 101

Last week, the children and I started working on a project for Biology. We have made a 'birding' station right outside our bay window in the school room.
We filled and hung feeders.
We made and hung suet cakes.
We horsed around a bit...
We talked with the out of doors members of our family...

And we made our choices on which feeder would be emptied the quickest.
We used two different types of seed and made our pick.
Now throughout the chilly months ahead we can watch our feathered friends and determine if our theories were correct.