Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Sometimes, real life just keeps on pounding on your door and you walk in to find your hot water heater busted.
Yeah. That happened.

Then you have to work long into the evening to get things moved just to take out said water heater out of the smallish pantry.
And stuff gets piled into the homeschool room to make room.

Life is tough sometimes.

But I know that even when life is tough, my God is still sooooo very good.
I don't know why He allowed that to happen when we were planning on going on visitation yesterday evening. I don't know... but He does, and His ways are far better than my own.
So through the frustration and a few tears, I admitted to Him that I love Him and trust Him and I am sorry for my whines.

I'm glad to know that He is always quick to listen!

Have a wonderful day, my friends!!!


  1. You can't be an overcomer without something to overcome.

  2. I've been meaning to tell you....I think you should create an IRL meme/linky party! ;-) Create a little button, linking back to your blog, & posts share offer a glimpse into our *real lives*...the good, bad & the UGLY. ;-) Seriously, I think it would be a good one. Not for whining (that I don't think you were doing) but for sharing the struggles we endure 'sometimes' & how we over come them.....please let me know if you do this. ;-) I would but I don't know HOW to create a link back button...I used to but I forgot. haha.

    And I am sorry your water heater broke. That just stinks!