Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The *new* homeschool room

Last week we went through a major rearrange in our home. Trying our best to make things more efficient and useful. We flip flopped many areas of the house and this was one.
We have always used this area, which used to be our dining room, as our school area. It was just fine, but we had a hard time sometimes because we would try to get things wrapped up when it was time for a meal and then we would either have to clear the table again or we would just eat in the floor. *for real*
Frustrated because I hated having to clear out everytime, my mother suggested that we do some changes.
I am forever grateful, because I LOVE how it turned out.
All of our school books are in one area now, all of our pencils, crayons, maps and craft projects are in the 'homeschool' area! It is so convenient!
If we don't finish a lesson or if we have something laid out that needs a little longer to dry... we don't have to put it up for later or opt for eating on the floor... *wink* :)
It cost us nothing... just some imagination and some hard work.
I'll show you our 'new' dining room tomorrow.



  1. Can't wait to see more. We, too, have to clear the table from school stuff to lunch and dinner. It's a real pain sometimes. :)

  2. I love it ! The yellow walls are great.

    Show us the other rooms when you can.