Monday, September 12, 2011

The first field trip of 2011/2012 Homeschool Year

Homeschooling is such a  blessing to me. I love it. I look forward to it daily. When I was planning for our new year, I was thinking... what do I want to make sure to do this year besides the necessary? One was, add more field trips.
I believe we may be off to a good start, because we have had 3 field trips so far and we are just beginning our year.
Our first trip was to Jay's Garden Variety. It is an organic farm that isn't too far away from us. It was great seeing just how the farm works and how they go about their farming opposed to the conventional.

The muscadines above were amazing. We were allowed to try them. So firm and sweet. I really want to get some vines for our homestead. I keep thinking of muscadine cider. Mmmm.
Abram taking a bit of a rest... it was terribly hot that day. I had two cases of water in our cooler and the kids went through all of it during that morning!
One of my absolute most favorite things is that our older children work alongside our younger. This is such a blessing. Seeing the interaction and the older and the younger enjoying one another is wonderful.
Taking a little rest beside the lake that waters their farm. Such a nice field trip...

Have a wonderful day my friends and remember to enjoy every minute!

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  1. Two years ago our family made wild muscadine grape jelly. It was the best grape jelly we've ever had!!