Thursday, September 29, 2011

Etsy Lovin for Autumn

I was browsing around Etsy early this morning, and these are some of the lovely Autumn finds...
So cute I could pinch the little one who might wear this. I love it! Wish they had one in Carlie's size!

I love bunting. I think I might have to make one for us. Too cute!
I love this, I think it would be pretty on my bed.

Autumnal colors, pumpkins, patchwork.
Isn't this purse beautiful?
And I just think he is too cute!
Etsy is so inspiring.
Good thing I don't have any money in my paypal acct right now. I might want to go shopping!
Have a great day friends!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Sometimes, real life just keeps on pounding on your door and you walk in to find your hot water heater busted.
Yeah. That happened.

Then you have to work long into the evening to get things moved just to take out said water heater out of the smallish pantry.
And stuff gets piled into the homeschool room to make room.

Life is tough sometimes.

But I know that even when life is tough, my God is still sooooo very good.
I don't know why He allowed that to happen when we were planning on going on visitation yesterday evening. I don't know... but He does, and His ways are far better than my own.
So through the frustration and a few tears, I admitted to Him that I love Him and trust Him and I am sorry for my whines.

I'm glad to know that He is always quick to listen!

Have a wonderful day, my friends!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

In Real Life...

I don't know about y'all, but around here... we live in real life.
Sometimes it's beautiful. Sometimes it's hard. Sometimes it's messy and you just want to have a do-over.

In real life, kitchens get messy.
In real life, Mommy and Daddy get mad at one another.
In real life, children bicker and pout.
In real life, sometimes all you can do is cry.
In real life, you just feel like going back to bed...
In real life, you know what you should do, and sometimes you don't do it.
And that's just about how our weekend looked.
Yep, we live in real life.
But... in real life we have

We have teamwork.
We have do-overs.
We have I'm sorry.
We have kisses.
We have hugs.
We have love.

This weekend was one that was not one we wish to do over, but thankfully we all know that we are a family. We are in this for the long haul. We love each other too much to quit.
Gratefully, we do live in real life and even when things get tough... we remember that God built this family and we will do whatever it takes to live, love and laugh... here in our real life.

I love this sign (via pinterest) and I think it fits us perfectly!


Friday, September 23, 2011

It's FALL Y'all!

Happy First Day of FALL!
I hope it feels as wonderful at your homestead as it does here at ours. It is a little overcast and dreary. I love it! It feels amazing...
So for today's post, I am going to post some of my favorite fall decoration pictures from Pinterest and at the end there is a link to a recipe!

I love the above picture. I think it is wonderfully folksy and primitive.

I love this picture. It is such an amazing idea for a simple and beautiful table setting and centerpiece.
Here's the yummy treat mix. I think I will have to make a batch of this for my visitors that I have on Friday nights. :)
Here's the recipe link Fall Treat Mix

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In 14 and 92...

I love what homeschooling brings to the table...
I remember when we studied Christopher Columbus in school it was pretty straight forward.
He sailed, he got somewhere that he didn't expect, he was rewarded.
Yadda, yadda, yadda... we all remember that.
Well, little did I know that there is a conspiracy theory over the whole event. Yes, it could have happened just like we remember, or it could have been that he was a spy from King John II of Portugal. Now that throws a new twist on the whole matter!
(Abram thought if it was the ocean a shark needed to be added to the mix!)
Just a little taste of what we have been talking about around here for the past few days.
Along with the talk of Cristobal Colon (his real name) we made our own version of the ocean and our Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.
This ocean water, I have to say is MUCH tastier than the real stuff. LOL
Another aspect is the food that they had to try to keep and ration on their trip.
Yeah, gross things happens when food sets for too long...
Hardtack sometimes gets worms... eewww.
You can almost see in the faces who didn't care about the worms and who kinda grossed themselves out trying to imagine the real thing.

I love incorporating little things to make lessons come alive in the kids minds. Have I told you? To this day, the Phonecians are still one of the most vivid lessons they remember???

Thursday, September 15, 2011

3rd Field Trip of our 2011/2012 Homeschool Year

As you can guess from the picture above, our 3rd field trip was to the Police Department.  Like I said about the trip to the fire department, we are trying to earn our achievements for Scouts as well as have some great field trips for homeschool too.
Thankfully another friend of mine works for the police department and was happy to give the kids a tour and answer their endless questions.
Abram's arms are so tiny that even on the smallest setting he slipped right out of the handcuffs. LOL!
I told the kids that THIS is the only time I want to EVER see them in the back of a police car... haha.
It sure is nice to have such great friends who are willing to give of their time to further my children's education. Thank you guys!!!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stained Glass Leaves

This morning when the children came to the schoolroom, I wanted to give them a fun project as we are getting ready to welcome in the first official day of fall next week!
We used the simple crayons and wax paper method.
Breaking up the crayons in a little plastic baggy.

Melting the crayons between the sheets of wax paper with a warm iron.
Then tracing a leaf onto the wax paper and cutting it out.
What a happy addition to our little home!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2nd Field Trip of our 2011/2012 Homeschool Year

Our 2nd field trip took us to our local Fire Department. We knew that with Abram just joining scouts that he would have to have a trip to the fire department as one of his requirements for his Tiger badge. Thankfully, I have friends that work there and we were able to set up a trip.
The kids LOVED it. They asked tons of questions once they got over their initial shyness. They continued asking questions after they left and every once in a while, I will get another question out of the blue. We are going to have to write them down. haha
They saw the equipment that was carried on each truck.
 The gear the firemen have to wear to be safe.

 The different type of trucks. It was really neat.
They were able to sit in the trucks and have their picture made... which made their day!

Another great, educational and fun field trip under our belts.