Monday, August 29, 2011

X is for-----

Xanthic-- It means Yellow! Yellow is my most favorite color in the whole world!!!! I have a yellow living room/dining room, kitchen and school room. I dream of having a yellow farmhouse. I have a yellow hutch in my house that I bought when I was a young lady of about 18. It is one of my favorite things. Yellow is my color!

Xyloglyphy-- This is one of those things I want to learn...one day! :) I believe wood carving would be a very handy trade to learn. Knowing how to carve wood, you could make so many things if times were hard and you needed them and if times were of plenty you would have a great craft to sell. I am a sucker for wooden bowls and utensils!

Xenodochial-- Hospitality is a character trait. We should all be willing to share our home and invite others in... to share a meal and the love of Jesus. Jesus was a servant and I should be too!

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  1. What wonderful X words! And you are all set for the next game of Scrabble if you draw that pesky ol' X.
    Hope you are all well and enjoying your Monday.