Thursday, August 18, 2011

O is for------

Open Spaces-- I would love to live in a wide open space. With no neighbors or paved roads. I would love to have to trek several miles to see another human (except family of course). Plenty of spaces for Mamie, the chickens and the cows to graze. Ahhh, yeah, I can dream! :)

Optimistic-- I really tend to be an optimist. I like the brighter side of things.

Organic-- I don't have our family on a completely organic diet, but one day... :)
I want to grow my veggies and raise our animals just how God intended. And that is NOT with all these antibiotics or growth hormones. ugh

Original-- I know it seems nothing is completely original, but I like to think that I am close. I like to be me and no one else.



  1. "O" is for omnipresence of my Heavenly Father ..I feel him so close this morning, bringing a new level of peace and understanding to a daughter in much need this morning.
    "O" is omnipotent He is all powerful
    "O" is omniscience He is all knowing

    "O" is "O how thankful for his love I am this morning ....and for good people as you to add joy to my life today
    God bless

  2. I have been enjoying your letter posts. I was shocked by O for Open spaces. I thought y'all do live out. How do you have cows? I too love open spaces and although we have them, I would like for them to be more open.