Wednesday, August 17, 2011

N is for-----

Nightowl-- I really enjoy staying up much later than I should. I like the solitude of the night. Most of my family is in bed and I have a little time alone. Sometimes I can catch up on housework, sometimes I read, sometimes sew, lesson plans... so many things can be accomplished when I am up that late. The only problem is the weariness of the next day.

Nerd-- I am a bit of a nerd I suppose. I am not hip or trendy. I love learning... I really wish I was much smarter than I am.

Nester-- Even when I am not pregnant, I go through these times of nesting. I love to make our home tidy and clean. I love rearranging and making things look new.

Nickname-- I have never had a nickname like some people... my first name is Chasity. So the only 'nickname' I have ever had was Chas or Chassy. That's ok though, my nephews call me Aunt Chassy and it melts my heart. Now our youth kids call me Moma Chas and I love it, too. That is the perfect nickname if you ask me.


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  1. I am not a night-owl..........I would be an early-bird, but we can meet at noon and go to Dairy Queen.