Thursday, August 11, 2011

I is for-----

Independent-- I was raised to be VERY independent. Which means that I can be controlling and stubborn. Being independent is not too bad though, I don't always rely on others to do things that I want done. It means oftentimes I take the bull by the horns and jump on. Sometimes it's great... sometimes it's not. :)

Ice-- I love ice in my drinks... lots of it! I want water SUPER cold or I don't want to drink it. I know that is super spoiled, but that's how it is.

Interesting-- I usually have some story up my sleeve or something new I have learned to talk about. Life itself is pretty interesting around our house.


  1. Speaking of ice.....I got a Sonic drink yesterday that was 89% ice. I'm not one that goes to Sonic for ice............I usually say easy ice, but forgot.
    I love the word interesting.
    It's full of promise of enjoyment............a story, a trip, a museum, a picture, a blog post.................a friend.

  2. I like your I's. As I peak through your other alphabet letters, I love your photos!!!!! I just posted a few that don't even have photos! UGH!. Emily