Tuesday, August 9, 2011

G is for-----

Gardener-- I wish I could say I was a Gardening-Pro, but truth is, sometimes our garden looks poor. Weeds can take over so quickly. I sometimes feel like I am stretched in SOOO many directions, and oftentimes the garden is one of the things that gets looked over first.  With each passing year though, we are learning how to 'do it all'. Learning how to manage a family and farm and life. It is a journey remember, not a destination.

Groovy-- I use this word a lot!

Grateful-- I am very grateful for the life that the Lord has given us. I want to make sure I appreciate it each day.

Goofy-- as I have said before, and as you can probably tell from reading here. I am goofy and silly.

Green thumb-- I can't really say mine is totally green yet, but I do come from a long line of green-thumb ladies. My Nannie Red had BEAUTIFUL flowers and gardens, my Nannie Black can grow about anything she sticks in the ground.  My Moma is the same way, her yard is full of beautiful bushes and trees, she has a lovely garden too. I hope my green thumb will hurry up and grow in. :)

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  1. HI Chas, I would add Gracious for your G descriptions. If time would allow, I would catch up on those letters I missed since I had last visited. You are very gracious in sharing your time, creativity, recipes, frugal ideas -so very gracious. Thank you for your time in posting. I look forward to my visits. Many blessings to you dear Lady.
    By His Grace, Cynthia