Thursday, August 4, 2011

C is for------

Chas-- of course! I can't think of a better c word than my name. Actually, my name is Chasity, one t... not two. My Mom is the one who named me. I love my name. I love that it is spelled a little different and that it means "purity".

Cuddly-- I love to snuggle with my family. I enjoy it to a point. There are times when I say, Moma needs some breathing room. LOL! I tend to get hot easily, so a lapful of children is nice in the winter, but hard in the summer!

Cheerful-- I try my best to have a cheerful disposition. Of course, I'm like anyone else and I have my down days or just rotten moments, but I look at life and realize how blessed I am and I remind myself on those dark days that 'this too shall pass'... life is too precious to waste it!

Contented-- I really want to always be content with our situation. Honestly, life has been pretty hard around here, with lay-offs, accidents, and such. But, like I said... it's hard for me not to be content when I realize just where we could be and how gracious the Lord has been to us. We are so thankful for what we have, little or much.

Cookey-- Yep, I am. I have a strange sense of humor and I love it when someone 'gets me'... I laugh at odd times. haha, weird, I know.

Chicken Loving-- I L.O.V.E. my chickens. I love to watch them scratch and peck, I love watching them take a dust bath or lay an egg. They are so enjoyable to me! They come in such amazing colors and are such helps around the farm. Bug control, great eggs, yummy meat! Yeah, chickens!

Creative-- I enjoy creating. It can be anything from sewing, cooking, knitting, painting, embroidery, candle making... I need that creativity in my life and I really love it!

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