Wednesday, August 3, 2011

B is for----------

Bubbly-- I remember once when my dear husband and I were first married, I asked him to describe me in one word. He called me bubbly, and I liked it. I am a bit bubbly... I like to have fun in whatever we are doing, I like to make people laugh and I like being happy.

Believer-- I am a blood-bought saint of God. I believe the Bible through and through. I believe in God and His Son, Jesus. I believe! Yes, I do!!!

Bossy-- *blush* Yep. I can be a bit of a boss. It started when I was young and continues now. I have always been a bit of a leader and so I just usually jump in and take charge of situations. It can be good, and it can be bad. haha
Brunette-- I have had blonde streaks in my hair, I have dyed it completely red a few times, but I am a true brunette... and I *might* have a few strands of white or grey, but you can't tell too much... yet. :)

Bold-- Like with my A list, you could probably guess, bold would come into play here. I am a bold person. I am outspoken and strong in my convictions.

Blogger-- I am a blogger, have been for years and I love it! There are days when I don't feel I have anything to offer and then days where I have SO much to say and share that I feel I might burst! Hey, that's another b word! :)


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  1. I just started to participate in this today as it looks like a fun project. I could really relate to your "blogger" description. Susan-Penless Wrtier