Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our Rainbow Tree

One day a sweet friend of mine posted a very cute idea on facebook. I decided this had to be something we did with our children. I gathered up materials for several weeks and then one night when my nephews were staying over, we got everything out and made our Rainbow Tree.

You might have to click on the image to see better.

All we did was save our plastic water bottles and pulled the labels off. Filled them with water again and their choice of food coloring.
So simple, but when you see it in person, it really is beautiful.
When my Mom saw it for the first time, she thought it was glass bottles.

We had a good time hanging them in the tree. We pulled the van in the yard and stood on top to reach some high limbs. :)

I wish my camera could do the tree justice, Especially when the sun is hitting it just right.

 Good times are as simple as you make them... beauty is in perspective.
We will be enjoying our rainbow tree for many days to come and it was easy as pie.



  1. very cute, a nice conversation piece. Take care and have a great weekend with the family

  2. awwwwwwwwww, that's neat. That's one Easy As Pie thing I could do!