Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Green Beans in the Garden

For the past 30 hours my Mom, Sister and I have been 'in' beans.
Two nights ago we went to pick and picked for almost 2 hours and went to our own homes and broke beans. Then beginning at 9 am yesterday we met back at my Moma's house and broke and canned beans ALL. DAY. LONG. Seriously!
If that wasn't enough, my sister and I went back and got 2 more bushels last night... in which we came back to our Moma's and stayed the night. We were able to end up with 31 quarts each and then 22 pints of salsa too. It was such a great time.
We broke beans while watching the BBC
It was so fun... We always enjoy each others company, but this seemed extra sweet.
I am tired.
I am achy and sore from all that picking.
But I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING!
What a sweet memory we created.

Now, I'm working on a place for these beauties in my canning pantry and then I am looking forward to a beautiful nap.

Have a great day my friends!



  1. Wow that's a lot of beans!

    It's nice to can with someone else. My mom and I usually do it together too.

  2. That sounds like loads of fun!!!!

    Sonya :)

  3. Some of my best memories growing up are of the times when the ladies in the family got together to put up vegetables! I've always wished I had someone to do it with as the work passes so pleasantly when you do. Congratulations on not only your beautiful product, which you will enjoy all winter long, but on knowing what is important in this life--time with family!

  4. I love watching PBS Masterpiece Theater movies too...I have always been afraid to can beans and so admire your courage...and your sis and mom...