Friday, July 15, 2011

Favorite Things Friday: Canning Pantry

Today I am working on my Canning Pantry, I suppose that is why it is at the forefront of my mind. A favorite thing all the time. Going to my pantry and pulling something that we have planted, grown and preserved, it is a great feeling.

 We are putting up fresh peaches and blueberry jam, pickled peppers and peach preserves.
Such good, busy, happy times.
Next week, I hope to put up some green beans and tomatoes as the tomatoes are straggling coming in a little at a time.

Working together to provide for our family, it is such a good thing!
**all images from Pinterest 


  1. So jealous of all your shelves. My husband promised to make me more shelves this year. I have they same amount of jars as you, but they are stacked in boxes everywhere by the end of the summer!

  2. Have you every made peach and pit jelly? my husband was worried about the pits being poisonous, but I have seen plenty of recipes for it. I wish I had that much space ?

  3. Everything looks beautiful in your pantry. You must share your dill pickle recipe, they look delish. What herbs do you dry? Have a great weekend Chas.

  4. Chas, What a great job. Your shelves look BEAUTIFUL. YGG!!! So far, we've only got beets canned, but much more fresh produce should be coming on soon.

  5. I had grand plans on canning this year until the 2nd or 3rd worst drought in Texas history and 100+ temps since May hit. My garden failed to produce from the heat and with the water rationing we just let it die.

    I pray we get some rain and cooler fall temps so I can try again.

    Love all the pictures! My dream pantry there I tell ya!

  6. Everything looks great.. I've got the dill but no cukes cause the deer really like it... Happy canning...

  7. If picking a few little tomatoes off of a stray bush in my front garden thrills me......I can imagine you are about to burst with all of your *growing things*. IF we ever pass through your way again, I'd like to take lots of pictures of your home. It would be just as NEAT to have those pictures as the Washington Monument.

  8. Bev--I made several batches of peach peel & pit jelly and it comes out great! The cyanide issues isn't really an issue unless you were to grind up the pits.