Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Glazed Pork Chops

Last night I made the most delicious meal. It was supposed to be our Father's Day meal, but Papa felt poorly over Father's Day, so we held off until he could really enjoy eating again. 

I had purchased some chops from our local farmer's market. Yes, pastured pork! WOO HOO!
My gracious... it was soooooo good. 

Anyways, this is how I made them.

I heated a little olive oil and butter in my skillet.
I took the pork chops and salt and peppered both sides and laid them in the skillet.
Give them time to get nice and brown before you move them.
I have learned this is a VERY good tip when cooking meat that you want tender and juicy. Another good tip is to use some tongs, rather than a fork, because when you pierce the meat, the juices flow and the meat becomes tough.

Once you meat is cooked most of the way then you get your glaze on.

I used a cup of fresh orange juice and a cup of peach preserves. 
Mix those together well and then pour over your meat.

I was telling a friend about this recipe and found out she didn't eat pork, but chicken would be delightful also!

Now that your glaze is added to the pan, turn the heat down slightly and give that meat a good chance to soak up some of that yummy flavor.
During this time you should see that it does indeed soak up some of the juice. Don't cook your pan dry. You will end up burning your meat then.

I  had a picture, but blogger is not letting me load pictures right now.
So until I can, you will just have to try this for yourself.
I served this alongside some cooked cabbage and green beans with new potatoes.
It was delicious!



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