Monday, June 20, 2011

First Market of the year

Good Morning, My Friends!

Saturday morning was our FIRST Farmer's Market of the year. Thankfully it was a success and just as enjoyable as last year.
I love our little market so much. Everyone is so friendly and personable. The market draws out people whom you have not seen in a while or may have never met. So many good conversations are to be had...
about farming, gardening, medicinal uses of herbs. Oh, the plethora of knowledge you can gain from those who have been at it longer than we.
Here is our table.
At our table I had the last of the gardens lettuce, strawberry jam, relish, pickled garlic, pickles, homemade vanilla, eggs, handicrafts, whole wheat cinnamon rolls, freshly ground wheat, herbs, garlic and chive butter and a beautiful handmade wooden garbage can. Our garden is still growing so not a lot of produce just yet, but... it was a great day.

These two dish towels are new to our booth this year. I found them at a local variety store. I loved the vintage look to them and knew I wanted to make something lovely with them.
So I got busy stitching some designs... I adore how they turned out. Now only if I will take the time to make one for myself. :)
Dear oh dear the day was humid! I knew it was going to be when the cinnamon dough was rising sooo quickly and my hair was frizzing. hahha.

I hope you are all enjoying your local farmer's markets.
Eat fresh, eat local!





  1. Love Farmer's Markets, sounds like you have fun. Your booth looks warm and inviting. Blessings from Wisconsin!

  2. Good Monday Mornin' Chas, Love farmers markets. Those towels are great. Have a blessed day.
    By His Grace, Cynthia

  3. I love the farmer's market. I wish we were closer, as I would love your embroidery. I have the same natural curly hair and frizzing problem. I usually just throw it all up in a clip. ha ha
    I hope you make lots of money this market season and meet lots of new friends!!! :)

  4. How humid is humid?
    Try 85%...........?
    WHAT fun that day must have been.
    Frizzy hair and all.