Saturday, May 21, 2011

Preparedness Challenge: Pasta

Last night while taking my eldest daughter out for a birthday celebration we went shopping. She wanted to go try on some dresses and hopefully find a couple of church dresses with her birthday money. While she and her girlfriends were pouring over dresses, I was looking through the other items. The store was Ross, I had never been there, but was fairly happy with what I found.
I have had a pasta maker on my amazon wish list for a while...
Guess what I found last night?
Oh yeah! A pasta maker at a third of the price I had one in my amazon cart for! YEAH!
I am so excited! I have made noodles before, but they were not very uniform in size.
I am eager to try it out...
Can you guess what we are having for supper tonight?
You got it.
Pasta. Haha.
It's just one more thing that I can scratch off my grocery list.


  1. Ross is hit or miss on finding things, but they have GREAT prices!! I love it when I can find things there!

    WOW....Pasta making!!! I have no clue how to make pasta....you are superwoman!!


  2. I want to learn to make pasta, but I need to find a pasta maker first. Guess I'll go look at Ross.

  3. I miss my pasta machine. Mine wore out and just got all gumbed up. I tried several times to get it all cleaned out but it just wouldn't work. I used to make homemade pasta at least once a week. I even would dry it out and give as presents!! I need to invest in one again!!

  4. I am so jealous!!! Enjoy and tell me how they turned out!!!

  5. there is NOTHING as yummy as homemade pasta.

    try adding some spinach puree. so delicious!