Monday, May 23, 2011

Making it Work

Last week, we completely cleaned out our freezer. This week it is our pantry. Making a checklist for it, just like we did our freezer. 
I plan on compiling a master list of pantry items. Hanging it on the door of the pantry. When we take out a jar of pickles, we mark it off.  Just like our freezer. So often things get pushed to the back, and shifted around until we forget we have them.
I usually buy everything in multiples or bulk. It costs less and saves me trips to the store. 
And then when things get low, the master list will be helpful to take to the store with us. I hope to only buy what we HAVE to have at the grocery and access the garden, and the farmer's markets for the next few months and hopefully get our root cellar cleaned up and ventilated properly so we can use it again. 

These are not my pantry lists, but I found a couple online.
Here is one
Here is another

Also, I found this! I think this is an awesome help!
I've printed mine out and I am going to cut it down and stick it inside my purse!
So many of the items we buy at a regular grocery are GMO items. Check the list, be prepared!

Not sure what is so bad about GMO's??? 
Check out these links!

If you haven't seen this, Watch it today!

And I haven't seen this one yet, but I am eager to!
It's real and it's serious!

And this family is inspirational!
Check them out!

Eat fresh! Eat local! Eat Organic!

I love being organized and prepared. 




  1. I really need to make a pantry and a freezer list. although i do know there's probably 20 lbs of liver in my freezer EEK! I shy away from that corner of the freezer... I need to make liverwurst.

  2. Through the past 4-5 years, Our Heavenly Father has been leading us to eat better. We've made many changes in our eating habits. Then we watched Food Inc about a year ago. Another eye opener!
    What they do to our food all for the love of money!
    Now we'll have to watch the videos you posted.


  3. Hi Chas! :) I'm here looking for your homemade yogurt recipe.

    Here is a link to a crunchy mama who does organic farming, she talks a lot about Monsanto, if your interested in more info. about GMO's http://farmama.typepad.com/farmama/