Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In Which I Talk of Mamie

You all know how I feel about this goat. She is special! She is very, very much a part of our family!

Well, thankfully she is still with us, but there was a brief time right before the storms that I was afraid we might lose her and I really didn't want to say anything about it, til I knew for sure whether she would make it or not. I'm still not positive that she is completely better, but at least she is somewhat.

It was a quiet evening, we were just finishing up with supper and about to head to the living room for some reading and our family devotion.
The Papa happened to get up to go to the kitchen for a glass of water and yelled, "Moma, the neighbor's dogs are out!"
This was not something abnormal, or alarming. They have been out before and not bothered anything...
This was not the case this time.
The dogs were Great Danes. Massive dogs.
One was a mother, who had birthed pups a couple of months prior, too.

Papa and the neighbor were walking down to the pasture when the children started crying out, "MOMA! The dogs are getting the goats!!!!"
I yelled out the window and the men started running.
The dog was so aggressive.
The dog took the Rachel (the baby girl goat) and slung her around with her mouth, breaking 3 of her legs and puncturing her stomach. She had to be put down.
The dog did the same to Fred and he died shortly after...
but what scared me the most, was the dogs attack on Mamie.
Papa jerked the dog off of Mamie before she really tore into her.

I ran out, Mamie was crying out in pain and wouldn't stand up. I was sure she must have a broken leg or something.
There were some deep cuts on her neck and she was just laying and writhing in pain.
I don't believe I have ever cried about one of our animals being injured before that day.

We cleaned her wounds, but she wouldn't stand and when we finally got her up, she immediately laid back down. So we weren't sure what was wrong.
Through the night, she cried.
I could hear her and it just killed me.
The next morning I went out to see if she had died, fully expecting it.
She was still alive!
Not great, but she was still alive.

For days we treated her wounds, but she wouldn't do much.
We put the feed and water in the shelter with her, just so she wouldn't have to go far to get them.

Finally, after several days she got up and walked around, inside the shelter.

After a week or so, she got out and walked around to our urging and leading.

Today, she is seemingly SO much better...

She isn't my vivacious Mamie of before. She doesn't dance or bleat at you very often. She really doesn't make much noise at all any more.

I don't know if she will stay this way, or return to her spunky self... but I will tell you.
I love that goat.
She is special, and I am so glad she is still with us.

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  1. Oh poor Mamie! I hate that she has lost her spark, but am so glad she is still with you. Watching animals you care for being attacked is a horrible thing and I do hope the neighbors have taken precautions to make sure their dogs never hurt another living thing again. Here's hoping that as Mamie's body heals her vivacious nature gets better too.

  2. Oh, Chas, I am so sorry. We too get very attatched to our animals, so I can't imagine how much this hurt your family. I hope Mamie returns to her old self soon.

  3. Ohhh, i am very sorry to hear about this. so glad to hear that Mamie is still here, tho. perhaps it will just take some extra time for her to get her old spring back into her step? i am thankful that Papa and Mr. Neighbor were there to help, and that you and the kids didn't have to deal with the dogs yourself--that sounds mighty scary! years ago, my cat was attacked by a neighbor's dog and didn't make it. i left for choir practice and she died while i was gone, i was so sad. Stan buried her before i got home, he was very tender with me and told me that i didn't want to see her that way, but that i should remember her how she was before she got hurt. i'm so sorry about your goat babies, what a awful way to lose them. {{{Chas}}}

  4. I do hope your beloved goat gets all perky again. I'm glad she is still with you, too!!