Monday, May 9, 2011

Homemade Convenience Foods: Strawberry Ice Cream

Over the weekend we were busy as bees. Saturday, the children and I worked in the hen house almost. all. day! I can't wait to let you see how AWESOME it looks. Yesterday, we went to church and rested and enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day which was topped off with Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream!
Honestly, I am NOT an ice cream fan.
My family could eat it daily... the only time I like ice cream is when we make it ourselves and then I only want a smidgen. Let's just say, I had more than a smidgen last night. :)

Here's how I made it.

Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream
1 quart frozen berries
2 cups sugar (more or less to taste)
2 eggs *** note, I have no problem consuming raw fresh eggs, but if you do, you can totally omit this***
4 tsp vanilla
1 quart heavy cream
1 can of sweetened condensed milk (optional)

I took the frozen berries, sugar, vanilla and cream and pureed in a blender. My blender isn't huge, so I had to do this a few times to get it all through. Afterwards, I just poured it into my ice cream maker.
Once everything but the milk was put through the blender. I added milk to the reservoir to get to the fill line.
Mix with wooden spoon.
This is a good rule of thumb. You want the ice cream to taste somewhat overpowering. If it is bland now, it is going to be very bland later. Now's the time to add more vanilla, sugar, berries.... whatever it might need.

With the ice cream maker we own now, you insert the dasher and cover. Then lower into the bucket. Layer with ice and rock salt and plug in. It will turn until it thickens. Once the machine slows and stops then your ice cream is ready if you like soft serve.
If you want to make it more firm, ladle into a freezer container and freeze until your liking.

Either way, this is the BEST Strawberry Ice Cream you will ever try!




  1. We make homemade ice cream every 4th of July...it is the BEST! We have never made Strawberry though....your looks delicious!

  2. Dearest Chas, Glad to see you had a wonderful mothers day. Thank you for your best wishes you wrote to all of your neighbors here at your blog. I have a question, maybe you've posted on this before. What kind of oil do you use in your oil lamps? I picked up a second one ($2 used woohoo) and need to purchase some oil for it. As time allows, if you can answer, if not I understand, really.
    By His Grace, Cynthia

  3. Yummy! Homemade icecream is the best :O)


  4. Cynthia,
    I use lamp oil like this:
    Hope that helps! :)

  5. chas, that looks delicious! my son would LOVE to make our own ice cream. we're going to have to try it out.

  6. I cant wait to try this one! I am saving it to my favorites. Thank you! :-)