Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Here Chicky Chicky

Springtime is great, but Springtime is amazing on a farm... even if it is a small one like ours. Everything is alive. Everything is sprouting. And it seems there are babies everywhere.
On Easter Sunday we found a surprise.
Our best setter... Mama Hen had hatched off 6 babes. We were thrilled. 6 little black fluff balls who were cute as could be.
After the tornado came through, we lost 3. We figure they probably drowned, because even with as many places as there are to find shelter, we had a LOT of rain and wind that day.

I love to watch a baby chick with it's mother. They are so cute. They stay so close and mimic everything they see Mama do.
This Mama insists on housing with Mamie, instead of with the rest of the other hens.
I'm guessing there are some poor influences over in the hen house that she prefers to shelter her babes from. ;) haha
So now, we not only have a Mama with 3 babes, we have another Mama setting! Yeah!
She is one of our buffs and she has been diligently setting for a couple of weeks. We should see an appearance pretty soon.
And if that weren't enough chicky goodness for you.
We have 18 little rascals inside.
They are so cute. About half of them are Rhode Island Reds and Half are Barred Rocks.
I love both of those breeds. I especially like the Barred Rocks speckled feathers.
Here is what they should look like when they are grown.

So our flock will be more than doubled if everyone makes it.
Here's hoping for the best!
May your day be blessed!



  1. I do hope they all make it. It's almost like waiting for flowers to bloom to see what color they will be!

  2. All I can say is, "Awwww..." So cute!