Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The quilt parade

Handmade beauty at it's finest.
This quilt was given to me and I am in L.O.V.E.
I love that there is NO rhyme or reason to the piece.
It is made out of necessity and without even trying it is lovely.
It is one of many old quilts I was blessed to receive over the weekend, and by far it is my favorite.
The blocks are obviously scraps. I imagine from house dresses, and work shirts and flour sacks.
The back was probably a sheet or perhaps a curtain. It is so functional and sweet.
The batting is cotton and it is warm, actually a bit TOO warm for these hot Southern days of late.
The stitches are by hand. Every. Single. One.
Knotted with pink yarn at the corners of the 'pillowcased' squares.
I wish I knew more of the history behind this lovely quilt.
I know it was from Missouri and a little old lady who was very proficient in many arts and crafts made it... I guess my imagination can play out the rest.



  1. That is so pretty. I love old quilts. I think the American History of quilts is quite interesting. They did everything by hand and yet they held up to the test of time. Now we have our sewing machines. It has made it so much easier and quicker. Yet we still go back to the designs from earlier in history!!

  2. I love scrappy quilts the best, and yours is beautiful.

  3. I have several of these type of quilts that my granny made back when my dad was a boy, or maybe even before. They are the only type of covering we use. I don't know what I'm going to do when they do wear out. You can't go get the feed sacks like they did and regular material just doesn't weight it right. My 4 year old says that they are "REAL" cover while the store bought ones are just the bad ones.... Her favorites, the scrappy ones that have no pattern or reason for being, other than they were needed... They make me miss my granny thought! ;/

  4. what a wonderful thing to have received...