Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A funny surprise

Earlier today, my Sweet Husband called me and said...
 "Honey, you need to come to my work."
 I replied, "Ok... but why?"

To which he says, "Jasmine has had a kitten in my truck."
So I hurriedly went to his place of employment and picked up our cat and one kitten...
I started back towards home and decided to call him back.
"Are you sure there was only one kitten?"
He started looking around and there were two more!
I turned around and went back to get the other two.
SO funny.
Not sure why our animals want to have their babies in such odd places around our house, but that is the case.
If you remember , Winn-Dixie had pups under our boys bed.



  1. what a fun surprise! Sophie's kitty Jemima had kittens last week, on the (empty) bottom shelf of a bookcase that typically has a pile of laundry in front of it lol. And James' kitty Susie is due any day now. Growing up, my cats have always given birth under my bed, or in my closet! Can't wait to hear what you name them. :)


  2. That is too funny. Our animals do the same. Our chickens hatch there little ones in the walls of the barn. Jayne's cat had her kittens under her bed,and the other cat in her closet. Our dog hid behind the couch in Jayne's room to have her puppies. (I guess Jayne's room is like the Nursey) Take care and enjoy the kitties.

  3. That is too funny. I have to say I have not heard of that one! :)