Friday, May 20, 2011

Chick Update

The chicks are doing great! We have moved them out to pasture. They are so adorable running around in the grass, staying together like family should. You can already tell there is a leader to the group. We assume the little guy is a rooster and if not, well that could get confusing, because the children call him... Rooster. hahaha
They are growing so much each day and you can see their wings coming in and their 'fuzzy' look diminishing.

The children LOVE that they are still small enough that they are easily handled. I figure that because they are handled so much that they will be more mellow as they get older.
We have a set of girls whom I call Laverne and Shirley who are just this way. The kids handled them a lot when they were young and you can go and reach under them and gather eggs if they are setting.  This is good because we have several ladies who are not so tolerant and it makes the children a bit gun-shy.

Here's wishing you the loveliest of weekends and may your days be full of love and laughter.


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