Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Aftermath Thinking

During the power outage from the storm, it had me thinking. Thinking about things I have thought of before, but not enough...
We went without power for 5 days, other than no hot water and the fridge going down, it wasn't all that bad. *to us*
Mom and Alan had a generator, which was perfect for helping keep the fridge and freezer going. We put our necessities over there and shared their space.
With a little thought and preparation (which we do anyways) we had meals on the grill and they were delicious. Mixed veggies in foil pouches, grilled meats and bread right off the grill.
One morning we even had bacon and eggs. It is do-able.
Which gets me to my point.
Could we make it?
Could we do it?
I mean if we had some way of keeping our fridge items and our freezer items cold... the washing machine would be nice, but not totally necessary.
I know many would not even entertain the thought and that is ok. We spend a great deal on electricity per month. It is frustrating with prices increasing each and every day.
We don't do a lot of tv, just an occasional movie... so quiet evenings by lantern or candle seem lovely and welcome.
Going to bed earlier? That makes sense right? Getting up earlier, yeah, we do that anyhow.
Anyways, I suppose I am just thinking out loud here today.
Which, isn't that what this space is for? :)
So, you can be sure I will be heading to the library once it is open again to pick up some of the following:

      Well... these are my thoughts. What about you? Have you ever considered living off the grid?



  1. I was so happy to hear that all is ok with your family. It is so nice to also see that you all made the best of it. How did your Hubby get home from work. (What must have been going through his mind, and your traveling on those roads) It is good to be open with the children and keep them informed as well. We just never know what could happen. But we do know that God is there watching over us and I think it helps us keep going. Take care Chas and my heart goes out to your town.

  2. Dearest Chas, Living off grid, such a challenge and such a delight to relieve ourselves of utility bills. :)
    I have a blog I visit called; Living off grid at Maple Valley Farm; www.eclecticculturefarm.blogspot.com
    I was hoping that would give you a link, let me know if you can't connect to it.
    You are singing my song, with long candlelit nights, early to bed, following the sun. Seems your homestead is the best possible setting for "such a time as this".
    My prayers are with you all, the Lord be with you and your dear sweet family.
    By His Grace, Cynthia

  3. Chas dearest you're speaking my language! And I should say up to Cynthia above me that I LOVE your blog! Have for forever! But yes I think it's totally doable. Honestly I think you'd just learn to live without a freezer. We don't get the ice here in TN to store ice to use over the year so we couldn't do that kind of ice box. I think there'd be more canning and drying and more eating fresh right out of the garden instead of storing things in the fridge. Milk would be fresh from the goats or cows and cheese would either be fresh made or aged cheese. I would love it. It'd be HARD but great.

  4. I read a blog that may help teach you about this: http://paratusfamilia.blogspot.com/ I really, really love her blog.

    As for going off grid, it's not for us. If TSHTF, though, we'll be all right. we know how to deal with it and don't have to live it right now.

    For now, while conveniences are available, I will thankfully use them :) When I feel uptight at the modern-ness of life, I can always light my oil lamps (which are hung on the walls already ready already for trouble) and read the evening away. Then I can go visit my servants in the garage to fold the nice, clean laundry in the lamplight.

  5. Chas, you know I like the way you think! ;)
    I was just telling my hubby last night about your *cough* Adventure *cough* and I knew you would make out much better than lots of our friends and relations would have. And so much depends upon our attitude, doesn't it? We had our power out for a measley two hours the other night, and it really woke me up to how unprepared we are--a good eye-opener! What a blessing that your mom'n'them had a genny to help with the food.

    Robin(Mamalama)/Nest Blessings

  6. It sounds dreamy...sometimes... :-)
    I LOVE your blog font, btw.
    Glad you all are well.

    I think if you are used to *camping* you kinda know HOW to make things work w/ little.... ;-)

  7. I think we could *make* it easier if our homes were made to *make* it. Our homes are not built to do without electricity, water.......and other things that are piped in daily.
    If our house had a dog-trot, big windows for breezes, a water pump and rain barrels....we could make it much easier. It's the plug ins and faucets that throw us off. We wouldn't make it very long in the house we live in right now without a lot of changes......no breeze, no pond, no cellar or garden. I wouldn't mind living in a cabin, bathing in a stream, growing watermelons, chasing fireflies.........cooking over a fire.......maybe that's why I like to camp. It's simple, but at the same time, LOTS of work to get there. But it's the kind of work I don't mind.

  8. It is a smart idea to start preparing, and we are beginning to do the same. It seems overwhelming all we feel like we need to do, but I know God will give us peace about what order to prepare. He is good and we have to rest in that peace even in the midst of the challenges we face here.