Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Learning to wait

Every year we garden, our children help out some. We want them to learn to work, wait and then be rewarded.
I am constantly reminded of our "I want it NOW" generation. We can have almost ANYTHING as soon as we want it. Even if we don't have the money for it... just whip out the credit card and it's ours!
I feel like our children are forgetting or rather not learning what the saying "Good things come to those who wait"  means. 

So it inspired me to take my children and get them involved in the garden a bit more. 
Each child has picked a spot or patch of garden to call their own. They are going to be in charge of planting, watering, weeding and harvesting. The Papa and the Moma will of course supervise, but we want them to see just what eating the fruits of their labor is all about.

During this, I hope that they will learn many things. 
Responsibility: for one. Just like taking care of our animals, our plants will need daily attention. 
Patience: We won't harvest immediately. Some things will take weeks, others months before we see a harvest. (This isn't Farm Town) :)
Endurance: We have to keep on keeping on. We can't quit mid stream or our money, time and effort will be in vain.
Self-discipline: Yep, we still have to weed when it is hot and we want to go swimming. Work first, play later!
Economics: we will see how little it cost us to grow our produce rather than buy! You can buy one bunch of radishes at the store (not even organic ones) for about $3.00. You can buy one packet of ORGANIC seeds for less than $2.00!!!!  Just think of all the radishes you can eat then! :)
Health: As we study Nutrition in our homeschool, we learn even more hands on while we are working and eating out of our garden.
Physical Education: As any gardener knows... it is WORK! Hard work sometimes. No doubt we will get some nicely shaped arms, and a good ole farmers tan while working.

The plots have been divided up like this (their choices)
Cameo is going to be growing peppers. Jalapeno, Hot banana and Red Bell Pepper. 
Eli is going to be growing potatoes. Red skinned, thank you! Mmmm
Carlie and Abe asked to work together and they will be working in the strawberry patch. Mainly because they LOVE strawberries. I will have to watch these two... they will eat more than they harvest if I am not careful!

Once we get things going we will post pictures and progress. (the picture above is NOT mine... I WISH!) haha :)

I hope you all have a beautiful and productive day!

My Cup Runneth Over...
Moma Chas


  1. Giving each of your children a portion of gardening space to tend reminded me of the book *Little Men*! We also enjoy working together as a family, and the benefits have been enormous in so many ways! Enjoyed your post:)



  2. Love that they get their own plot. We only have a little backyard garden but we do it all organic and together as a family. The girls love watching as the seeds start to come up. Keep us posted

  3. I agree with this type of education. we do also to my kids.Thanks so much for sharing.
    I love your garden so beautiful. I will be make that kind of gate with climbing roses. so inspiring.
    have a good day Jessica