Monday, April 25, 2011

A gift for my Sister

My Sister had a birthday a few days ago. I made her a wreath just like the one I made for our front door, remember?
I wanted to give her something else too, and since I am in total love with hoop art right now, I decided to make one up for her.
Felt roses, muslin, 1930's fabric patch, buttons, and FAMILY.
I hope she loves it and every time she walks by she smiles and remembers just how much I love her, how wonderful I think she is and how blessed I am to have her as my family.

My Cup Runneth Over...
Moma Chas


  1. It is beautiful Chas. I am sure she loved it more then anything. Take care and have a great day.

  2. gorgeous, I made some hoop art today too... hugs, http://alifeunrehearsed2.blogspot.com/2011/04/creating-today.html